Ivana Mitrovic

handIvana Mitrovic was born in 1967 in Belgrade (Serbia), the capital of the country once known as Yugoslavia. Ivana was raised in a harmonious and stable middle-class family and went on to study business and economics. However, from an early age Ivana was creative and introspective. She felt a strong urge to remove herself from the comfort and safety of everyday routines and conventions, and to explore what exists behind the visible and accepted reality. She took the most amazing and enriching journey one can take: into the depths of her own subconscious. There she discovered a whole new world of understanding, not only of herself but also of mankind and its fundamental questions: love, human relationships, family, and the meaning of life. Ivana’s works are materialized memories from these spectacular, dreamlike ventures into the space of the microcosm, and her answers to those fundamental questions. Since 2001 Ivana has lived with her family in the ancient town of Amersfoort (Province of Utrecht), which is the birthplace of another great modernist, painter, Piet Mondriaan. Although some of her paintings and drawings are now part of private art collections, Ivana still actively exhibits her artwork in various galleries across the Netherlands.